Why choose LED street lights connected to the mains?

In recent years, LED street lights have been increasingly applied to urban and rural road lighting. Both are LED street lights, but many customers do not know how to choose between solar led street lights and city circuit led street lights.

Below, we will briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of solar street lights and city circuit led street lights:

1. Advantages of City Circuit Street Lights (AC Wired LED Street Lights):

The power supply adopts mains power supply, with stable current, which can ensure high-power and stable lighting requirements. At the same time, utility cables can be used to form the Internet of Things for street light systems, achieving remote control and data optimization. In addition, the overall engineering project cost of the municipal circuit light is low.

Disadvantages: Complex lines need to be laid, high electricity bills need to be paid, and there are high maintenance costs in the later stages, if it’s a place that far from city.









2. Advantages of Solar Street Lights:

Effectively utilizing solar energy resources, it is more energy-efficient and can be used in places where electricity cannot reach, such as remote mountainous areas, without paying electricity bills, and basically free of maintenance in the later stage.

Disadvantages: Due to the need to add solar panels and batteries, the overall project cost will be relatively high. At the same time, solar street lights are powered by batteries and are greatly affected by the weather. From the long-term perspective of energy conservation, installing solar street lights in areas with sufficient solar energy guaranteed is a smarter choice.

Final Conclusion
So whether it’s urban or rural, what needs to be considered is a practical factor in the local area. If it is relatively remote and inconvenient to connect, it is suitable to choose solar street lights. However, if there is sufficient power and installation is convenient, we should consider choosing municipal LED street lights (AC Wired LED Street Lights) to obtain a continuously stable and reliable lighting environment.