How to choose Football Stadium Lights?

When it comes to outdoor stadium lighting fixtures, the LED stadium lighting produced by Zhongchuang Lighting is a more professional and reliable choice. We also have a professional sales and R&D team that can provide you with specific lighting designs and solutions.

Let’s take a look at the most common questions and answers.

Q1: How many watts do football field lighting fixtures typically require?

A1: The installation requirements for lighting fixtures in football fields are relatively high. Generally, high-power 1000W mining lamps are used in football fields, while standard football fields are relatively large. If replaced with LED lamps, a minimum of 400W headlights should be used. ZhongChuang Lighting’s LED Sports Flood Light will be more suitable for football fields in terms of brightness and illumination, and the pole height can be considered 10-12 meters.

The demand for lighting varies among football fields of different sizes. Entertainment and fitness, or amateur training football fields only require 300-400 watts of lighting to meet basic needs, while large football fields require higher power lighting to provide sufficient lighting.

Q2:Suggestion for high pole Football Stadium lighting fixtures?


1. LED anti glare lights are commonly used as the light source for stadium lighting;

2. The lighting fixtures should be anti glare, non glare, and have clear reflection. They should use integrated flat lighting fixtures;

3. The power of the light source adopts LED lamps with different wattage based on the height of the lamp, lamp density, and lighting requirements.

4. According to different competition levels, the lighting needs to be able to be controlled in groups (LED Sports Flood Light—FL02 with DMX System Control ist such a powerful football stadium light that Ideal for large professional stadiums) ;

5. Generally, there are three lamp poles on each side (more than 6 meters or 8 meters) for the spacing between lamps, and the design is based on the brightness requirements.

Therefore, the size of the football field and the specific environment around it, the height of the stadium lamp brackets and the installation distance will affect the illumination and coverage of the light. In order to achieve a professional stadium lighting environment, you need a professional installation solution. Welcome to contact our official mailbox to consult and customize professional football stadium lamps and football stadium project solutions.